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Lip Sync Dating

 Lip Sync Dating Austin, TX 

The LipSync Dating Program is a self-paced, evergreen, online program that includes two live, open group video calls a week with Cindy where she answers your questions and you get to benefit from a community of fellow daters!

The LipSync Dating Program teaches you how to create an online dating profile that will attract the men of your dreams. It also teaches you how to find your perfect match and build a strong foundation for your relationship.

Do you like to watch lip sync battles?
In case you’ve never seen one, it’s a fun, celebrity-studded competition in which celebrities lip sync to popular songs with the help of special effects. The show’s creators say they hope to recreate the drama and excitement of a live concert without actually having to perform.

Using your knowledge of a singer’s personality, body language and key gestures you can mimic their performance. In addition, make sure you know their song well enough to pick out the most appropriate lyrics.

You can do some research about the artist you’re trying to impersonate, or watch their live performance videos for mimicking purposes. Whether you’re doing an a cappella version of their song or a full blown musical performance with sung background music, you need to work on getting into character.

The best lip syncs have exaggerated facial expressions and really large mouth movements, while incorporating appropriate hand and shoulder movement in the performance. In addition to doing your character development research, practice performing the song with other people, especially those who are different from you.

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