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Heady Glass

Heady Glass is one of the most unique and aesthetically impressive styles in the smokable glass industry. These bongs, dab rigs and hand pipes are truly one of a kind pieces that will stand out from any shelf at your local smoke shop.

The Difference Between Scientific & Heady Glass
There are two main categories of smokable glass – heady and scientific. While both can be used for smoking herb, each type of smokable glass has its own benefits and drawbacks.

The primary difference between heady and scientific glass is that heady glass is crafted by a team of artists who utilize higher quality tubing, thicker glass, and a lot more artwork and attention to detail than scientific glass. The artistic designs add a much more unique and colorful feel to heady glass while still maintaining the functionality of the piece.

Heady glass also typically uses borosilicate glass, which is the highest quality material available for making smokable pipe and bongs. It’s also typically a very durable material and will likely hold up better over time than imported glass. While heady glass will generally be more expensive, they are well worth the investment.

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